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I love solving problems for users



01 - this is me



 👋 Hi there, I'm Raymond! My passion lies in solving complex problems that have a positive impact for both users and businesses. With a focus on understanding root causes, I create solutions that drive important KPIs and deliver metric-based continuous improvements.

My experience spans B2B and B2C SaaS, where I've successfully created intuitive and elegant experiences that users love. As an opera singer turned UXer, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I've honed my ability to empathize and understand people through extensive research, travel, and living abroad.

Having been exposed to diverse cultures and languages, I have a nuanced understanding of the differences necessary for creating global products. My goal is to create solutions that not only meet users' needs but exceed their expectations.


02 -this is what I do


- an e-wallet webapp to manage your finances. 

- a case study

Pay in a store with credit card mock up screen
Welcome to Finch splash screen mockup
Finch Budget Page mockup.
Lexify creative board showing low-fidelity wireframes, user flows and mid-fidelity wireframes


- a native flashcard app with focus on crowd sharing. 

- a case study

So as not to disturb NDAs,
other projects can be seen privately. 

03 - let's connect

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