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I love solving problems for users



01 - this is me



 👋 Hi there, I'm Raymond! My passion lies in solving complex problems that have a positive impact for both users and businesses. With a focus on understanding behaviors, I create solutions that drive important KPIs and deliver measurable improvements.

My experience spans B2B and B2C SaaS, where I've successfully created intuitive and elegant experiences that users love. My goal is to create solutions that not only meet users' needs but exceed their expectations.


02 -this is what I do


Effortless Finance: Manage Your Money with a Streamlined e-Wallet App

FINCH - a fintech case study

Unraveling the HIPAA Maze: Designing a Complex Software System

Total HIPAA - compliance & e-learning 

Optimizing Product Acquisition: A Mixed Methods Research Approach 

USAA - fintech

Unlocking Account Aggregation: A User-Centric Approach Through Mixed Methods Research

USAA -fintech

Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration: Key to Unleashing Design System Power

USAA - fintech

03 - let's connect

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